he/her 17 (apr 29)
white autistic osdd-1b

interests, music, byf

metalocalypse, venture bros, hlvrai, undertale, deltarune, splatoon, ace attorney, 2000s-2010s internet, valve games (more specifically; tf2, portal and half-life), moral orel, wwdits (show), worthikids, nichijou, spiderverse, mtv's downtown, my little pony, bayonetta & jjba

gorillaz, skindred, blur, korn, dethklok, brendon small, utsu-p, sevendust, metallica, cannibal corpse, system of a down, lovebites, limp bizkit, babymetal, mike patton (and more specifically; faith no more, mr. bungle, fantomas, dead cross, tomahawk and peeping tom), lady gaga, bjork and megan thee stallion

i do not use social media frequently. so if you happen to follow me on one, its probably inactive (though i may like and repost things)
i don't use tone tags but ask if you would like me to. dni if you talk about space often